Blame It On The Weatherman


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Dean and Sarah present Bright ‘n Early, a local breakfast talk show, and are looking forward to welcoming their new meteorologist to the team. Unfortunately for Dean, he’s not only gorgeous, but also completely charming and soon has the…

ain't no mountain high enough


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Sophomore year starts off slow and predictable. Classes are tough, the homework is tougher, but it makes Dean happy. He loves engineering. He loves school. He loves Cas.
Yeah. He does.
Dean’s still trying to figure out what he wants….

He’s a teddy bear, a big, big, floppy-eared, dopey teddy bear… He’s not gonna see any of this, is he?


commissioned comic based off of the Behind the Scenes of Supernatural: A Fan’s Perspective mockumentary!!

they gave me a couple ideas they’d be interested to see me take on, but in the end jared’s intimidation factor won. DEM ARMS

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
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everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and hear this


So they’re going to force Cas/Hannah down our throats, clap your hands if you’re not surprised, ahahaha


there’s no law against you tossing spaghetti on the sidewalks.  cops cant stop me.  not this time


i hope someone has a secret crush on me. at least a little tiny a baby sprout one…like a little drop maybe,a little syrupy drop of crushy crush baby love nectar