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Thank you so much for bringing Richard back and a Gabe/Angel Bro-ish episode!



My new kink is the boys being tossed against the Impala.


Cas smirking at Dean

     ↳Season 4-9


"We thought you died!" roars Sam, and his hands shake where they’re pinning Gabriel to the wall of the bunker, a forearm across his throat and palm on his chest. "We saw your corpse, saw the wings- we thought you were dead!”

Several emotions grace Gabriel’s face in quick succession - shock, confusion, a brief flicker of fear that morphs into something like guilt and is gone in a heartbeat. “Can’t take the trick out of trickster, kiddo,” he says, a bright grin pasted onto his face, but it’s hollow, the amusement behind it fake.

"We thought you died," repeated Sam, and his arms fall, slowly, no longer pressing bruises into Gabriel’s slightly-closer-to-human skin. The anger fades from his face, replaced by the exhaustion that has graven lines into it over the past year or two, ages him beyond his years and left his eyes hollow, red-rimmed. His hand catches on Gabriel’s shoulder, squeezes briefly as if he’s checking the archangel in front of him is still real.

And then it falls, drops to his side with the other - and Sam’s dropping, too.

His knees hit the floor with a crack that makes Gabriel wince, makes Dean start forward from where he’s been watching. He stops only at Castiel’s fingers on the sleeve of his jacket, pulling him backwards. This is not Dean’s fight; he will have his chance to air his grievances later, as Castiel had done earlier.

This, though. This is Sam’s turn.

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Supernatural, 9x18. The ending scenes and the song.


*music starts playing*


so okay this has to do with Dean


and Sam, except Sam is looking at Dean so that still has to do with Dean


yes okay totally Dean, plus keep in mind that his lightened face is becoming dark. light is being drawn from him.


and this is summarized with…




Dean Moments: 9x18- Metafiction

The moment in the episode when all my brain short circuited


That smile that Cas made when he heard Dean’s voice

And then when Gabriel appeared